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We want our solutions to create significant value for your business.

Their implementation allows the uncontrolled, large amounts of data accumulated in a company to be turned into competitive advantages.

Using powerful data analysis tools, we’ll help you cleanse, visualise and interpret your data.

Make data-driven decisions with TDATA.

Analysis of performance indicators

The real-time data is available.

 This will allow you to assess your company’s performance, take stock of the current situation and set reasonable targets.

Increasing productivity

Business analytics tools save your time. No need to collect and organise data – the software does it.

Dedicate your time to clients, not reports!

Data-driven decisions

With easy and simple monitoring of the indicators you will be able to respond to a problem in a timely manner and make the right decision.

Competitive advantage

By monitoring consumer behaviour, sales trends and other indicators, you will be able to keep abreast of changes in the market.

Simple data analysis

Interactive, visual reports allow data analysis even for staff without technical expertise.

Increased staff involvement in data analysis will lead to better performance.

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We listen to the need, looking for our clients' key business challenges. We help you anticipate the steps for data analytics.
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Data connection

Do you want to analyze data and create reports on your own? We help you take the first steps on your data journey.
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Rivile Gama analytics

Rivile Gama users can take advantage of the analytics system rental service.
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Odoo analytics

Odoo users can take advantage of the analytics system rental service.
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Customized solutions

Custom solutions are created regardless of the source or type of data available. We can analyze ERP data, e-shop data, combine them with each other and get even deeper insights.
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we will help you unlock the potential of data analysis and effectively use business data

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Who we are?

Tikslūs duomenys | TDATA is a consulting company implementing Microsoft Power BI analytics projects since 2015. Gained experience allows us to reveal the advantages of this business analytics tool and offer the best solutions.

Our mission is to help organizations build a data-driven culture, gain and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s market

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