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Every company is unique and the standard solution is not for us, you say. There is some truth to this, but every company wants to monitor the baseline indicators first of all:

  • what is company profit,
  • what income we earn and what costs we incur,
  • how much of our revenue is spent on wages and salaries, and how wages are distributed among employees,
  • what is the sales turnover and the cost of purchases,
  • who our customers are,
  • what goods are most in demand,
  • what is the cost of goods.

Companies using Rivilė Gama  and Odoo  ERP, can order System as a service.

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  • system is easy to activate,
  • adaptable to the customer’s business logic,
  • within a few weeks you will be able to monitor your company’s results in interactive reports with minimal costs,
  • the system is implemented in modules (Finance, Sales/Purchasing, Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, CRM analytics)
  • If there is a need for deeper, non-standard data analysis specific to your business, it will be possible to add new data sources or new reports to the system.
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